Welcome to our Center for Contemporary Art! In our gallery, you will find invaluable paintings, graphics and sculptural works of remarkable Azerbaijani masters. A very subtle interweaving of eastern and western tunes, merged into a modern embodiment! This is a place for all art lovers, collectors, hobbyists and even children. You will be able not only to enjoy the beauty and grace of the style, but also to buy the paintings and sculptures you like. The gallery includes not only works of talented famous masters, but also a wide range of amazing artwork of young artists of Azerbaijan. Center for Contemporary Art, the doors to which we are happy to open for you, our dear visitors, fascinates and charms people, makes them empathize over and over and penetrate with the artists into deep and touching exhilaration of the soul. In the collection of the gallery you will find paintings by artists who have received both local and international recognition. We select the best of the best works of artists, taking into account their characteristics and originality. Therefore, you will see special and unique paintings that can be found only in our gallery. P.S. For international buyers, insurance is provided for online purchases.